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POSTED BY 13.11.2014,

Coopers Fire were pleased to present a RIBA and SFPE Accredited CPD Seminar on the latest British Standard BS 8524 to a large number of East Sussex Fire and Rescue (ESFRS) senior personnel at their training facility at Maresfield, East Sussex.
East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service kindly invited Coopers Fire along to their training day to help educate their senior personnel on the new standard, BS 8524 Part 1 and Part 2 for active fire curtain barriers following discussions with some of their members at this year’s IFE annual general meeting.

Our standards and compliance director, Chuck Lewis, gave an informative, in depth presentation on how BS 8524 now affects the fire protection industry, its benefits, robust test methods and end use application.
Whilst fire and rescue services are unable to endorse, specify or recommend fire protection products, it is essential as an enforcing body they are familiar with these types of modern construction products and their applicable standards ensuring compliance is attained pre and post building occupancy.

The CPD was brilliant. We're so used to requiring a product to standard without being aware of its uses, limitations and scope. It was definitely a useful session to have and was very well received


Thank you on behalf of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service for the input on the 5th November at Maresfield. There was nothing but positive feedback and it was a pleasure to have you and the benefit of your expertise




Fire curtains are a modern alternative to traditional (non-loadbearing) compartmentation such as walls, doors, shutters and glazing in creating open spaces in the built environment in which we live, work or transit through. BS 8524 is the first and only National standard for these modern fire products are specified to.
BS 8524 is not just about simply testing the product for fire-resistance on a furnace, the standard covers every aspect of the constituent parts that make up the finished assembly; the fabric curtain materials, the motor drive systems, its frame, and its electrical power and control systems with all associated ancillary devices. So instead of just fire-resistance testing a finished fire curtain, BS 8524 requires you to perform a sequence and series of operational tests prior to testing on the furnace, this also includes the manufacturers range of motor drive systems, base and coated fabric curtain materials chemical and reaction to fire test and electrical power and control panels, ensure they all work independently of each other - it’s how the aerospace industry test components.

BS 8524 goes further than just the product specification as it also includes a code of practice for the design intent, common applications, the installation, commissioning and servicing of the product. There are strict requirements to be followed in terms of installation; a poor installation could render a great product useless.
BS 8524 therefore recommends independent third party approvals, as do the functional building regulations as well as trade associations. This is where UKAS approved laboratories or certification bodies independently assess and validate materials and services by a process of sampling and selection, witness testing, and perform continuous periodic factory and field auditing against the standard. This provides stakeholders with a high level of confidence in both the product and its installation as a life safety device.
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