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Forbury place elevator fire curtains

Why does a building need fire curtains?

In large commercial premises, there are multiple challenges when it comes to building compartmentation and passive fire protection. With the rise in popularity of open-plan layouts, it has become increasingly impossible to utilise fire doors, due to the lack of walls. Where fire doors cannot be implemented, fire curtains may be installed.

A great alternative to fire doors is the use of fire curtains, as they can offer the same levels of fire resistance and smoke control. Fire curtains can be set within the ceiling and walls, or face fixed depending on the building requirements.


Using Concertina Fire Curtains in Complex Interior Designs

Open-plan spaces remain hugely popular in architecture. Giant leaps of engineering achievement have made incorporating large open spaces in modern buildings easier than ever – but the resulting complexity can make protecting them from fire challenging.

Concertina fire curtains offer a unique way to compartmentalise almost any open-plan space, even when the mounting surface isn’t immediately obvious.

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FireMaster Horizontal Fire Curtain

Horizontal Fire Curtains: Uses and Application

Modern commercial structures benefit from the latest architectural, construction and fire safety innovations – giving designers almost limitless possibilities for creativity.

One of the greatest fire safety innovations driving the change in architecture is the horizontal fire curtain.

Where can horizontal fire curtains be used, and how are they changing the shape of new buildings?

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chicago city skyline

Maintaining Fire Safety After Lockdown

While there’s still a lot up in the air at the moment, some offices have returned to business. But was fire safety forgotten during lockdown?

Many high street businesses used the lockdown period to make improvements and adapt to a new way of doing business; conducting deep cleans and installing equipment to aid social distancing.

But one aspect that can’t be overlooked, even during the pandemic, is fire safety.

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What are fire protection classes?

Integrity (E), Radiation Control (EW), Insulation (EI) and Smoke Control (SA) are standardised European Fire protection classes.

Read on for further information and how the classes differ.

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What is bs 8524?

BS 8524 is an important new standard for the fire curtain industry because it provides comprehensive guidance to specifiers, manufacturers, installers, building inspectors and buyers…

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