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A memorial to Lisa Calladine

POSTED BY 14.11.2016,

Lisa Calladine sadly passed away on 27th April 2016. Lisa was only 36 and her sudden death was a shock to all her family, friends and work colleagues.
Lisa worked at Coopers Fire for nearly twenty years and had an active role in the business including organising lots of social events for the company and employees.

Lisa loved her fitness activities, particularly running and completed a number of charity runs in the local area for Prader-Willi Syndrome Association UK (PWSA). PWSA was a charity close to Lisa's heart and she raised lots of money for them in running in 5km, 10km, half marathons and a marathon.

Lisa raised a large sum of money for the PWSA a week before her death by completing the Brighton marathon; something that was a dream for her to finish.
Lisa's motto was 'Believe and Achieve' and she certainly did!
To remember Lisa, Coopers decided to have a commemorative plaque designed which has been placed in our reception area outside our main meeting and board room. The employees regularly use this room and so the lasting memory of Lisa at Coopers Fire will never be forgotten as well as Lisa's inspiring motto of 'Believe and Achieve'.

In honour of Lisa and to raise money for the PWSA, a number of the Coopers Fire staff, including our Managing Director and Group Managing Director, decided to train and run the Great South Run in Portsmouth in October 2016. Our fantastic runners varied in times for completing the 10 mile run with the fastest time being 1 hr 16 mins.........Not a bad time for an amateur runner!!
Coopers were delighted to have raised over £1200 for the PWSA through Coopers Fire Just Giving page and raised another £800 through other individual sponsorship - so a total amount of more than £2000!!
If you'd like to donate to the PWSA, follow this link:

Coopers recently received a certificate from the PWSA to show how much money our runners raised by completing the Great South Run. Coopers Fire will continue to support this cause and run in future events in memory of Lisa.......she really was a true inspiration!!