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Coopers Fire joins the ASFP

POSTED BY 09.12.2014,

Coopers Fire is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP); a move which underpins Coopers dedication to improving fire and smoke curtain barrier technology and safeguarding life and property.
The ASFP brings together passive fire protection manufacturers, contractors and testing/certification bodies to encourage, develop and give guidance on essential standards in passive fire protection. It has provided significant input in developing the vast majority of passive fire protection guidance and standards that exist today and operates a range of technical and industry-specific task groups, as well as having representation on BS and CEN standard-making committees.

All manufacturing members of the ASFP must demonstrate that their products comply with exacting standards and must be third party certificated, this also includes all contracting members, to ensure they have the skills and experience to correctly install passive fire protection systems. Coopers Fire has the necessary credentials.
Chuck Lewis, standards and compliance director, of Coopers Fire declares:

As a leader in its field, Coopers Fire has long campaigned for better standards and hopes that its membership of the ASFP will give an added boost to its campaign to raise awareness of the requirements of a new standard BS 8524, the first and only national standard for active fire curtains.
This standard lays out stringent testing requirements, as well as providing a code of practice for the design installation, commissioning and servicing of such products, offering specifiers a high level of confidence in both the product and its installation as a life safety device.

With the support of the ASFP, Coopers Fire hopes to continue to raise awareness of the vital role of passive fire protection, while ensuring that architects, specifiers, building control bodies and the general fire community alike are aware of the more robust test requirements for active fire curtains and the wide range of applications for which such products are suitable.
BS 8524 not only tests the product for fire-resistance, but also covers every aspect of the constituent parts that make up the finished assembly; including the fabric curtain materials, the motor drive systems, its frame, and it electrical power and control systems with all associated ancillary devices. It requires a series of operational tests prior to testing on the furnace to ensure the components all work independently of each other.

A separate code of practice for the design intent, common applications, the installation, commissioning and servicing of the product accompanies the standard. There are strict requirements for installation; both the standard and code of practice recommends independent third party approvals, by UKAS approved laboratories or certification bodies.
Coopers Fire invented and patented the Gravity Fail Safe (GFS) Smoke and Fire Curtain, which has become the benchmark for most smoke and fire curtain systems sold around the world today. Its product range, not only meets ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, but every Coopers’ curtain is third party accredited as meeting the requirements of BS, EN and even UL standards. Coopers Fire is the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer with independent third party accreditation for the installation, commissioning and servicing of fire and smoke curtains.