Coopers Fire frequently write articles and technical advice for manufacturing professionals. Our blog features posts about fire curtains, smoke barriers, fire protection and fire safety as well as discussions about the latest advances in active fire curtain and smoke barrier technology.

fire curtains in public places

Assured performance in public spaces

Coopers Fire, 08.01.2017 , 0 comments

Fire curtains offer three levels of critical performance; integrity (fire), smoke (leakage) and radiance (heat).

School fire curtains

Fire Curtains in Schools: Keeping Empty Schools Safe All Year Round

Coopers Fire, 04.01.2017 , 0 comments

Many schools every weekend (and holiday period) find themselves being left empty. Unfortunately, an empty school – if not left correctly, can prove to be a space laden with potential fire hazards.

SmokeStop ConcertinaTM smoke curtain

Coopers Fire releases new SmokeStop® ConcertinaTM Smoke Curtain

Coopers Fire, 11.12.2016 , 0 comments

Coopers Fire has added to its range of smoke and fire curtains with the release of the innovative new SmokeStop Concertina smoke curtain barrier system.

Fire Curtains Quality

Coopers Fire Achieves Recognition for Quality

Coopers Fire, 19.11.2016 , 0 comments

Coopers Fire has achieved third party certification from Certifire for its FireMaster A1 fire curtain.