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Fire Curtain Manufacturer

Industrial Fire Curtain Manufacturer: Leading UK Fire Safety

Coopers Fire, 28.11.2017 , 0 comments

Our mission is always to protect and save lives – but in order to become an industry leader, we pushed to promote awareness of fire protection and how important it is.

British Museum - fire and smoke curtains for landmark buildings

Premium Fire and Smoke Curtains: Fire Protection for Landmarks

Coopers Fire, 09.11.2017 , 0 comments

We’ve been installing fire and smoke protection for more than 30 years and, in all that time, our work has gone completely unnoticed – just the way we intended it to.

We’d better explain that a little more.

Fire curtain installation

Using Datasheets to Install Fire Curtains

Coopers Fire, 23.10.2017 , 0 comments

Before any machine, component or device is installed in a project, it has to pass a great deal of scrutiny. Is it the right specification for the build? What are the tolerances, materials and certifications? All of these questions are answered by the product’s datasheet.

Fire safety training

Fire Safety Training with CPD Courses

Coopers Fire, 06.10.2017 , 0 comments

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is all about growth and building on expertise. With Coopers Fire CPD courses, it’s all about imparting knowledge to attendees about fire safety through training.