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Industrial fire safety

Staying Ahead of Industrial Fires

Coopers Fire, 10.10.2018 , 0 comments

Since the introduction of ‘The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’, fire safety today is at a much better standard than it has ever been. Since these regulations came into place, commercial fires have reduced by a third and are continuing to decline – particularly in hotels, schools and hospitals, where the largest numbers of people are at risk. But there are still nearly 20,000 commercial fires in the UK every year.

Get To Know Your Fire Extinguisher

Get To Know Your Fire Extinguisher

Coopers Fire, 19.09.2018 , 0 comments

Everyone is familiar with what a fire extinguisher looks like – they should be everywhere you go. However, being confident in using one is a different story. We all like to think, that in the rare occasion a fire breaks out, our heroic nature will take over and we will stop the fire with ease to rescue everyone in the building.

But in reality, a fire extinguisher is actually not as lightweight as we hope, and our bravery is most likely to be swamped by fear.

Why Can't We Make Fireproof Buildings?

Why Can't We Make Fireproof Buildings?

Coopers Fire, 11.09.2018 , 0 comments

Specialist materials, insulation and compartmentation are all used to make buildings safer – but why can’t buildings be made completely fireproof?

What to do When Fire Breaks Out in a Large Building

Coopers Fire, 29.08.2018 , 0 comments

There are few thoughts more terrifying than being trapped in a burning building – especially a large structure like a skyscraper or shopping centre. Today, fire safety is better than it has ever been, but keeping crowds of people calm during an emergency will always be a challenge. So, what should you do to maximise your chances of survival in a fire?