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domestic fire curtains

Domestic Fire Curtains

Coopers Fire, 11.05.2015 , 0 comments

Fire curtain barriers have been protecting major commercial and public buildings for many years now. However, in recent times, a growing number of domestic new-builds are incorporating fire curtains into the overall design.

Fire Protective Fabric

Creating a fire protective fabric for buildings

Coopers Fire, 26.03.2015 , 0 comments

Developments in fire protective fabrics (FPFs) used in fire and smoke curtains now offer
architects and specifiers greater freedoms, leading to innovative building design and the ability to offer more open spaces.

Fire Protection

A quick guide to passive fire protection

Coopers Fire, 18.02.2015 , 0 comments

While many people are already very familiar with the tools of active fire protection, such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and sprinklers, much less is known about passive fire protection items.

Workplace Safety

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Coopers Fire, 18.12.2014 , 0 comments

Official statistics from the British government show that average fire accident numbers are decreasing year on year, although fires in the UK still exceeded 192,000 cases in 2013.