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The future of firefighting

The Future of Firefighting

Coopers Fire, 18.10.2019 , 0 comments

The world’s becoming warmer and drier. Water is becoming scarce. Forest fires are becoming more frequent and rampant. The future of firefighting is no longer just a technological arms race – it’s vital to humankind’s continued existence.

modern shopping mall

Fire Safety in Modern Shopping Malls

Coopers Fire, 03.10.2019 , 0 comments

The rise of the shopping mall is no accident – but the idea of a high street over multiple floors, under one roof is a relatively new concept. With such a high density of commercial properties within a single building and so many people to keep safe, fire safety in shopping centres has become a core design element.

river thames aerial view central london

Could Artificial Intelligence Fight Fire Before It Starts?

Coopers Fire, 23.09.2019 , 0 comments

We live in a world of powerful software that can be fed data, learn from it and essentially predict the future. Can it help us beat the most challenging fires?

amazon rainforest fires

The Amazon Fires

Coopers Fire, 12.09.2019 , 0 comments

Rainforest fires are not irregular; they happen all the time, usually following the seasons or under controlled and sanctioned land clearing. During July and August 2019, fires in the Amazon rainforest spiked to intense levels – the worst in over a decade. Huge deforestation and land clearing have set deep scars into the landscapes of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and beyond. What does this mean for people, the planet and the future?