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Fire Safety

Coopers Fire Curtains BS 8524 Compliant

Coopers Fire, 08.02.2016 , 0 comments

The new standard covers the manufacture of the whole “system” as well as its installation and maintenance

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Quick Guide To Fire-Fighting Equipment For Business

Coopers Fire, 25.01.2016 , 0 comments

An essential addition to any company’s fire safety arsenal, portable fire extinguishers are suitable for tackling small fires, thereby preventing this initial outbreak turning into a major blaze.

Fire assembly point

Assessing The Best Assembly-Point Location

Coopers Fire, 22.01.2016 , 0 comments

The assembly point for an office building needs to be close enough to be easily accessible but far enough away that employees are a safe distance from the fire.

Home fire curtains

Important Considerations When Purchasing Fire Curtains

Coopers Fire, 02.12.2015 , 0 comments

Your home is legally required to comply with stringent fire regulations, designed to help protect you and your family from the deadly effects of fire and smoke.