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Fire hazards

Fire Hazards In The Office

Coopers Fire, 03.03.2016 , 0 comments

Offices can easily and quickly become full of paperwork and clutter if you’re not careful. This excess can spill out into hallways when there’s a lack of storage space available.

Fire protection

Fire Protection: Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

Coopers Fire, 18.02.2016 , 0 comments

Fires can have a devastating effect on all buildings, especially when they are able to spread quickly and easily. There are two modes of fire protection; passive and active.

Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains: The Safest and Most Discreet Solution

Coopers Fire, 08.02.2016 , 0 comments

Fire curtains located in these positions provide the perfect, all-encompassing solution. They are not only discreet but also exceptionally safe and durable.

Fire Safety

Coopers Fire Curtains BS 8524 Compliant

Coopers Fire, 08.02.2016 , 0 comments

The new standard covers the manufacture of the whole “system” as well as its installation and maintenance