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Fire Resistant Curtains

Should You Install Fire Resistant Curtains at Home?

Coopers Fire, 14.10.2016 , 0 comments

Fire safety in the home, whilst being of the utmost importance, is something that, unfortunately, not all households uphold. One preventative solution here is the installation of fire resistant curtains.

Smoke Curtains

Smoke Curtains Installed Abroad

Coopers Fire, 30.09.2016 , 0 comments

Whether it is fire or smoke curtains that have been tested to UL or BS EN standards, we help designers replace non-loadbearing fire walls, fire doors, fire rated glazing and sprinklers to achieve modern, open plan environments that remain in line with stringent fire regulations.

Smoke Curtains

Smoke Curtains: How do they work?

Coopers Fire, 14.09.2016 , 0 comments

Smoke curtains work in a very similar way to fire curtains. Both provide essential compartmentation, containment, and channelling from the effects of a fire.

Fire curtain servicing

Fire Curtain Servicing Assures a Lifetime of Safety

Coopers Fire, 07.09.2016 , 0 comments

Fire curtains and smoke curtains are made of fire resistant fabrics and work as barriers to protect people and buildings alike from the dangers that fire presents.