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Fire safety training

Fire Safety Training with CPD Courses

Coopers Fire, 06.10.2017 , 0 comments

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is all about growth and building on expertise. With Coopers Fire CPD courses, it’s all about imparting knowledge to attendees about fire safety through training.

Protected Means of Escape

Protected Means of Escape for Modern Building Design

Coopers Fire, 27.09.2017 , 0 comments

But safety must remain the top priority. A protected means of escape, allowing safe passage in the event of a fire, is incredibly difficult to engineer in an open-plan environment.

Fire curtains in walls

Fire Curtains for Openings in Walls

Coopers Fire, 18.09.2017 , 0 comments

When it comes to fire safety, is it important to consider both methods for the prevention and for the control of a fire within a building.

bespoke design fire curtains

Putting a Stop to Fire and Smoke Damage With Bespoke Design

Coopers Fire, 04.09.2017 , 0 comments

In order to best protect your building against fire and smoke damage, a bespoke fire curtain design could be the most suitable and cost-effective solution.