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Qatar World Cup Fire Curtains

Qatar World Cup 2022

Coopers Fire, 24.03.2017 , 0 comments

Following Qatar’s successful bid to host FIFA’s 2022 World Cup, Qatari economy has boomed. This success has visually translated into heavy investments in infrastructure development.

Aldgate Tower

Aldgate Tower: A Coopers Fire Fire Curtain Case Study

Coopers Fire, 03.03.2017 , 0 comments

At Coopers Fire we have installed many fire and smoke curtains to protect numerous globally renowned buildings. Including London’s iconic Gherkin, The British Museum, Sydney Opera House and Aldgate Tower.

School fire curtains

Fire Curtains for Schools: Coopers Fire Recommendations

Coopers Fire, 15.02.2017 , 0 comments

Fire curtains come in many different sizes, styles, ability and with a whole range of extra features and for open-plan spaces in schools it's essential to have the right one in place.

Hotel fire curtains

Why Fire Curtains for Hotels are the perfect solution

Coopers Fire, 03.02.2017 , 0 comments

Fire curtains are able to offer such safety features because of the fire protective fabrics that they are made from. In the main, fire curtains are formed from E-glass and fibreglass materials.