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A global construction boom - cranes on construction site at sundown

A Global Construction Boom

Coopers Fire, 21.05.2018 , 0 comments

The world grows upwards every day, as new buildings rise from the ground. We’re always looking for more space to work and to live in, adapting to the ever-growing human population and an ever-changing economy.

A Quick Guide to Managing Escape Routes

Coopers Fire, 23.02.2018 , 0 comments

As soon as a fire has been detected and alarms have been sounded, all of the occupants of a building should be able to escape to a safe place in a quick and unaided manner. Here's our quick guide to managing escape routes.

Fire Risk Self Assessment or External Agency?

Coopers Fire, 23.02.2018 , 0 comments

In the United Kingdom, fire safety legislation covers all commercial premises and places of work. It also applies to buildings to which the general public have access, including the communal areas of residential flats.

How to Carry out a Simple Fire-Risk Assessment

Coopers Fire, 23.02.2018 , 0 comments

Ensuring your business premises are adequately protected from the risk of fire is not just a point of law. It is also a matter of responsibility towards your colleagues, business partners and members of the public. All small to medium-sized businesses now have to carry out a fire-risk assessment to identify any potential hazards and risks in terms of fire safety.