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High Rise Buildings and Preventing Fires

Coopers Fire, 02.04.2019 , 0 comments

It seems that the world grows a little bit taller with every building we create – especially in places like Dubai, where architecture tends towards the incredibly tall. Making tall structures safe is a science and an art; keeping the architect’s vision intact while exceeding safety standards is the goal.

Stay Safe: Furniture and Fire Safety

Coopers Fire, 15.03.2019 , 0 comments

Every year, thousands of tonnes of perfectly recyclable sofas are thrown away for not having a fire safety label intact - But why? It could be due to poor placement of the label itself, tempting its buyer into cutting off the eyesore. Or it could be that many don’t understand why it is there in the first place and decide to remove it. These labels are there for a reason and furniture cannot be sold without one.

How Do Fires Start?

Coopers Fire, 23.02.2019 , 0 comments

Fire needs fuel, oxygen and heat, in the right combination, to occur naturally. If just one of those elements is taken away, a fire can’t happen. Nature has been making fires since the planet first sprouted trees, introducing the abundance of fuel and oxygen needed for fires to take place. Today, the causes of fire are quite a bit more complicated.