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Apartment fire safety

Apartment Living: Fire Safety

Coopers Fire, 09.07.2019 , 0 comments

There’s no doubt that the world will fill with more and more tower blocks – but as we still reel in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, our collective awareness of fire safety has never been higher. The most important outcome is getting out alive, so we’ve prepared a safety list for apartment dwellers to help minimise risk.

Architects fire safety

In The Know: Architects and Fire Safety

Coopers Fire, 26.06.2019 , 0 comments

Although it often feels as though buildings spring up overnight, there are strict building requirements and regulations that need to be adhered to. Every architect should be aware of these regulations, preparing a fire safety strategy for a building as part of these strict rules.

Notre Dame on fire in 2019

The Importance of Fire Safety in Historic Buildings

Coopers Fire, 18.06.2019 , 0 comments

London without the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge is still London - but if these iconic landmarks were destroyed, Londoners would surely feel a profound sense of loss - just as the people of Paris did when Notre Dame suffered a devastating fire in April 2019.

fire safety at home

5 Tips for a Safer Home

Coopers Fire, 12.06.2019 , 0 comments

Home is everyone’s most important place in the world - but sadly, fire destroys thousands of homes every year, and the consequences can be deadly. Keeping your home safe from fire can be quick, cheap and simple - and we’ve put together these 5 top tips to help.