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mile high buildings

Megatall Buildings: How to Escape a Fire when You’re a Mile High

Coopers Fire, 10.07.2020 , 0 comments

The first mile-high skyscraper could be built by 2050 – but how would you escape a fire from a mile high?

fires on mars

Fires on Mars? How to Uphold Fire Safety Off-Planet

Coopers Fire, 03.07.2020 , 0 comments

We know that, if we want to survive as a species, we’ll eventually have to step away from the planet that spawned us – but our journey to the stars will be fraught with dangers. Chief among them will be our oldest and deadliest tool: fire.

business fire safety

Every Business Needs This Fire Safety Equipment

Coopers Fire, 30.06.2020 , 0 comments

As the world slowly emerges from lockdown, now could be the best time to reevaluate fire safety – from strategy to equipment.

worst hotel fire

The Worst Hotel Fire in History: What Did We Learn?

Coopers Fire, 04.06.2020 , 0 comments

Hotel fires are among the most poignant disasters. When hotel fire safety is poorly controlled and people lose their lives, the sense of tragedy is palpable. It’s felt around the world.