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Home fire curtains

Important Considerations When Purchasing Fire Curtains

Coopers Fire, 02.12.2015 , 0 comments

Your home is legally required to comply with stringent fire regulations, designed to help protect you and your family from the deadly effects of fire and smoke.

Assured performance fire and smoke curtains

Assured performance for fire and smoke curtains

Coopers Fire, 30.10.2015 , 0 comments

When specifying a fire or smoke barrier system, it is essential to consider the whole package, from quality, performance, installation and maintenance, to after sales care.

Fire Door Safety

Fire-door Maintenance and The Law

Coopers Fire, 25.06.2015 , 0 comments

At any one time in the UK, there are potentially thousands of fire doors which have been left open. Which is against the law; this circumstance could invalidate any insurance policy which relates to an outbreak of fire.

Fire Curtain Protection

FireMaster® Concertina™ Fire Curtain Unique Protection Solutions

Coopers Fire, 19.05.2015 , 0 comments

Available in closed shapes, such as squares and faceted circles, the FireMaster Concertina “closed” system is manufactured on a bespoke basis for each project.