FireMaster A1 Fire Curtain – BS EN 1634-1

Key Information
  • Curtain Types: Fire Curtains
  • Product Standards: BS EN 1634-1, BS EN 1634-3
  • Standards: BS - British, EN - European
  • Orientations: Vertical
  • Integrity Ratings: 180 mins
  • Special Features: Compliant to BS EN 1634-1. Radiation Control up to 30mins. Smoke seals available for Smoke Control for Single Width curtains. Available in Unlimited Widths. ResQ-Window compatible.
FireMaster A1 fire curtain
fire icon Vertical icon 180 minutes fire rating

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BS 8524-1 BS EN 1634-1 UL 10D


Vertical - Single Roller 6m width x 7m drop (Maximum Size) E120 EW30 (E=Integrity, EW=Radiance)
Vertical - Single Roller 5.2m width x 7m drop (Maximum Size) E180 EW30 (E=Integrity, EW=Radiance)
Vertical - Single Roller 5.3m width x 6m drop (Maximum Size) E180 EW30 (E=Integrity, EW=Radiance)
Vertical - Single Roller 6m width x 5m drop (Maximum Size) E180 EW30 (E=Integrity, EW=Radiance)
Vertical - Overlapping Rollers Unlimited width x 6m drop (Maximum Size) E120 EW30 (E=Integrity, EW=Radiance)


The BS EN 1634-1 compliant FireMaster A1 active fire curtain barrier CAN BE INSTALLED INTO ALL building types, and is supplied with the Coopers Total Gravity Fail Safe (TGFS) system and features variable speed, controlled descent, limits radiation, smoke leakage, emergency egress and side channels.

FireMaster A1 fire curtain

Applications: Atrium, Lobbies and Receptions, Opening in Walls, Egress and Corridor Separations, Boundary Protection, Compartmentation, Stairs and Escalators, Lifts and Lift Lobbies, Protected Means of Escape

Available in unlimited widths and drops up to 6 meters and with fixing options to suit all types of ceiling configurations, the FireMaster A1 active fire curtain barrier can be integrated with both solid and suspended ceilings and will remain hidden within the ceiling until deployed.

The FireMaster active fire curtain barrier is a vertical fire curtain barrier compliant to  BS EN 1634-1 and provides 180 minutes integrity and 30 minutes radiation control.

The ResQ-WindowTM is a vision panel that can be installed into this fire curtain and allows first responders to assess areas prior to entry.

The FireMaster fire curtain can also offer smoke control and is compliant to BS EN 1634-3 for Single Width curtains only up to 7m wide (See published standards for full listings).

Minimum widths achievable are as follows:
T Bar – 1300mm
Jumbo Bar – 900mm


All fire and smoke curtains are manufactured to bespoke sizes. To discuss your requirements GET IN TOUCH 

Specification without Smoke Seals Download
Specification with Smoke Seals Download
Certificate (Certifire) Download
Classification Certificate (Certifire) Download
Brochure Download
Headbox Fixing, Bottom Bar and Capping Variations Download
Headbox Sizes - T Bar Download
Headbox Sizes - Jumbo Bar Download
Side Guides Download
Fabric Datasheet Download
Declaration of Conformity - operated by ERU or BBU (CG) controls panels Download
Declaration of Performance - EN 16034 Download