FireMaster Duplex Horizontal Fire Curtain

Key Information
  • Curtain Types: Fire
  • Product Standards: BS EN 1634-1
  • Standards: BS - British, EN - European
  • Orientations: Horizontal
FireMaster NVS Horizontal
fire icon Duplex icon 120 minutes fire rating
Horizontal - Duplex See Coopers Fire for maximum sizes See Coopers Fire for classification

the FireMaster® Duplex™ Horizontal FIre Curtain has been Designed to protect all building types and can be applied to protect escalators, atria, light wells and stairs from fire.

FireMaster Horizontal Fire curtain

Applications: Atrium, Lobbies and Receptions, Compartmentation, Stairs and Escalators.

Manufactured in a range of sizes, the FireMaster Duplex has been developed by Coopers to close from each end of a void to meet and close in the middle. This unique system allows for the protection of larger openings and employs the Coopers Fire No Visual Supports (NVS) to remain hidden until activated.

The FireMaster Duplex horizontal active fire curtain is Third Party Certified and is tested to BS EN 1634-1 to protect from fire. Developed and manufactured by Coopers Fire, the FireMaster Duplex horizontal fire curtain is supplied with variable speeds, side channels, emergency egress and controlled closing.


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Download the Coopers Fire BIM Model and NBS Specification here

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