FireMaster Concertina “Closed” Fire Curtain

Key Information
  • Curtain Types: Fire
  • Product Standards: UL 10D, BS EN 1634-1, BS 8524-1
  • Standards: UL - Underwriters Laboratory, EN - European, BS - British
  • Orientations: Multi-sided (Concertina)
  • Integrity Ratings: 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins, 150 mins, 180 mins, 210 mins, 240 mins
  • Radiation Ratings: 30 mins
  • Special Features: Classification: E240 EW30
Coopers Fire FireMaster Concertina over stairs
fire icon Concertina icon 240 minutes fire rating

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BS 8524-1 BS EN 1634-1 UL 10D

Developed and manufactured by Coopers FIRE, the FireMaster® Concertina™ fire curtain has been developed to provide high performance fire protection allowing for open plan designs

FireMaster Fire Curtain

Applications: Atrium, Boundary Protection, Compartmentation, Stairs and Escalators.

The FireMaster Concertina “closed ” system is bespoke to each project and is available in closed shapes, such as squares and faceted circles, in any width with a maximum drop of 8 metres (5 metre drop if 240 minutes integrity is required).

Supplied with the Coopers Total Gravity Fail Safe system (TGFS), variable speeds, controlled descent, all required by fire regulations. Developed by Coopers to protect all building types, the FireMaster Concertina can be applied to atria, escalators, and stairs and will remain hidden within the ceiling until deployed.

The FireMaster Concertina fire curtain is a unique folded vertical fire curtain barrier system that is third party approved to protect from fire up to 240 minutes.

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Select your Product Standard:

BS 8524-1 BS EN 1634-1 UL 10D