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Coopers Fire listed with UL certification
Coopers Fire listed with UL certification

Coopers Fire gains further UL certification.

POSTED BY 19.02.2019,


Coopers Fire gain UL certification for the FireMaster Egress product for UL 10D and UL 1784.

Coopers Fire continue to increase their range of products tested to and listed with UL. The FireMaster Egress is the latest product to be listed, which is a walk-through fire curtain. This product is suitable for installation over lifts and for cross corridors and an effective means of escape.



Coopers Fire have UL certification listed for the following products:


FireMaster Egress UL

FireMaster Concertina UL

Controls for all UL Products

You will find the UL Certification for these products on the Certification webpage:


You can also find them on the individual product pages with the other download information:


FireMaster Concertina UL - click here to visit the Product Page 


FireMaster Egress - click here to visit the Product Page 


You can also find the UL Certificate for Controls UL 864 in the downloads sections on all of the UL product web pages.