FireMaster Insul8 Fire Curtain

Key Information
  • Curtain Types: Fire Curtains
  • Product Standards: BS EN 1634-1
  • Standards: BS - British, EN - European
  • Orientations: Vertical
  • Integrity Ratings: Up to 240 mins
  • Radiation Ratings: Up to 240 mins
  • Insulation Ratings: Up to 90 mins
  • Special Features: Tested to BS EN 1634-1. Dry Insulation for up to 90mins (EI190). Integrity and Radiation Control for 240mins. Available in sizes up to 7.3m wide x 3.35m drop. Face fix only
fire icon Vertical icon 240 minutes fire rating
Vertical - Single Roller 7.3m width x 3.35m drop (Maximum Size) E240 EW240 EI190 (E=Integrity, EW=Radiance, EI1 = Insulation)

The FireMaster Insul8 fire curtain is a dry insulated fire curtain manufactured by Coopers Fire and offers up to 90mins insulation (EI1 90). reducing the risk of secondary fires by providing increased thermal INSULATION


Applications: Lobbies and Receptions, Opening in Walls, Egress and Corridor Separations, Boundary Protection, Compartmentation, Protected Means of Escape

The FireMaster Insul8 active fire curtain barrier is a vertical fire curtain barrier tested to BS EN 1634-1 for single width curtains.

Please note this product can be face fixed only.

The FireMaster Insul8 provides thermal insulation. This feature helps in containing heat within a specific area, which is particularly important for protecting escape routes, preserving structural integrity, and reducing the risk of secondary fires.

An EI fire curtain refers to a fire-resistant curtain or barrier designed to provide specific levels of integrity (E) and insulation (I) in the event of a fire.

Integrity (E): The curtain provides a barrier that prevents the spread of flames and hot gases, helping to contain the fire within a specific area. This is crucial for protecting occupants and minimizing property damage.

Insulation (I): The insulation aspect ensures that the temperature on the non-fire side of the curtain remains below specified limits. This helps protect people and assets on the other side of the barrier from the heat generated by the fire.

The FireMaster Insul8 fire curtain plays a crucial role in enhancing overall fire safety strategies within buildings. By compartmentalising fire and providing thermal insulation, insulated fire curtains contribute to minimizing damage, facilitating safe evacuation, and protecting life and property.


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