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Coopers Fire are proudly sponsoring Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
Coopers Fire are proudly sponsoring Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
Coopers Fire are proudly sponsoring Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Coopers Fire are proud to sponsor Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

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As a manufacturer of fire protection products based in Havant, Hampshire it is important for us to support local charities and services. This is a massive challenge and a great opportunity for us to support our local fire and rescue service and help raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity (


Members of the Coopers Fire team visited their local fire station at Havant on 8th July 2019 to hand over the sponsorship cheque, meet some of the team and learn more about The Fire Fighters Charity as well as get a tour of the station.


Jonathan Brown, Marketing Manager at Coopers Fire, presenting the sponsorship cheque to Martyn Elliott, Watch Manager at Havant Fire Station.


The Everest Base Camp Trek


On 9th November 2019 a team of 14 Firefighters from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service will trek to above Everest Base Camp in Nepal and follow in the footsteps of many famous climbers and explorers such as Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay and George Mallory.


Everest Base Camp is 17,600ft above sea level and the team will trek above this to Kalapathar which is 18,208ft. At this height there is less than 50% oxygen and the temperature can drop as low as -37'c.



Hampshire Fire and Rescue have completed a number of other challenges to raise money for The Firefighters Charity but believe this will be their hardest challenge yet. High altitude will pose the team additional challenges including sickness, confusion, dehydration and fatigue.


The trek will take 12 days, walking an average of 9hrs each day.


All money raised is for a charity close to the hearts of the Fire and Rescue Service: The Fire Fighters Charity


The Firefighters Charity


Mental health problems in the fire service, have risen by a 1/3 in the last 6 years. 85% of Fire and Rescue personnel have experienced stress and poor mental health. Fire service personnel are more likely to experience mental health problems than the general workforce. This can affect their performance, relationships and physical health. The Fire and Rescue Service have seen lots of good friends and colleagues that have suffered and are currently suffering from mental health problems such as PTSD, depression and anxiety.


The money raised for will help provide psychological support to firefighters following traumatic life and death incidents.



Coopers Fire were fortunate to get a tour of the station as well as try out some of the equipment and even try on some of the gear. It is amazing to think that the equipment weighs between 25kg and 30kg and is incredibly hot just putting it on, let alone in a fire between 600 and 1000 degrees Celsius with black thick smoke after climbing 15 storeys of stairs!