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Coopers Fire resume manufacturing

Coopers Fire resume manufacturing

POSTED BY 24.04.2020,


Coopers Fire have continued to closely monitor developments of the Coronavirus pandemic as well as UK Government announcements and as of Monday 20th April 2020 have re-opened our factory and are continuing to manufacture fire and smoke curtains.



By returning back to manufacturing we can continue to provide lifesaving equipment for buildings, including hospitals, all over the world. Like many other manufacturers, we recently received a letter from the Right Honourable Alok Sharma MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, stressing the importance the manufacturing sector plays in the nation’s economy and how manufacturing must continue as long as the Government’s guidelines on social distancing can be followed.



Safety of our employees is our number one priority and therefore the business has adopted strict rules on social distancing at our manufacturing facility which will have an initial impact on how efficiently we can manufacture.


We are implementing a phased return to work for our production staff and envisage being up to full manufacturing capacity by mid May 2020, joining all other departments of our business in providing our complete offering.


Coopers Fire new factory in Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK


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