Coopers Fire are a fire and smoke curtain manufacturer approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) educational seminars.

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“The Coopers Fire active fire curtain CPD session was very topical considering the industry’s focus on fire protection. It provided an overview of the installation and operation of passive fire protection measures such as fire curtains with reference to the design standards, where they should be used and how they perform. The session included a variety of case studies showing various products in use and provided the opportunity to ask questions. Well worth an hour of your time.”

Building Control 

Seminar duration 1hr, CPD Points 2

RIBA Core Curriculum

The RIBA Core Curriculum has been created by the RIBA for its members to ensure that key architectural skills are covered in learning activities. Chartered members are obliged to undertake a minimum of 20 of their yearly 35 hours CPD from this curriculum, with two hours of CPD time in each of ten key topics.

Our RIBA approved CPD’s cover 3 of the 10 RIBA Core Curriculum subjects:

  • Design, construction and technology
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

To find out more about the RIBA Core Curriculum click here.



“The presentation was very informative and held all the attendees engrossed” – Islington Local Authority Building Control

“It was the most interesting CPD I have been to and I know not only myself but the other guys that attended took a lot away from it. It has certainly got us all thinking!” – Bowman Riley Architects

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