Fire and smoke curtain service and maintenance

Coopers Fire are the UK’s only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer approved by an Independent Third Party Accreditation to carry out the servicing of fire barrier curtains and smoke curtains.
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  • The UK’s only Independent Third Party Accreditation for service and maintenance
  • National team of Coopers Fire trained service engineers
  • Ensure compliance with fire regulations and insurance requirements

Our fire and smoke curtains help the world’s most architecturally famous buildings meet stringent fire regulations without compromising design

Your fire and smoke curtains are part of your building’s life support system; we’ll make sure that they continue to protect your building and its occupants from fire and smoke


For more information Download our Service Brochure.

To request an out of hours emergency response please call, please call 0800 633 5224

Service Dept. Office Hours:
08:00 - 16:30, Monday to Friday



Fire and smoke curtain service and maintenance

From PC World and the Shard to facilities management companies like Carillion and managing agents like Lend Lease, Coopers’ service and maintenance engineers ensure that the fire curtains and smoke curtains installed maintain their effectiveness.  Download our Service Brochure to find our more about our Service Agreements.

Whether you’re a retailer, facilities manager or a domestic homeowner, ensuring that your fire and smoke curtains remain fully operationally is critical for ensuring that your occupants remain protected from the effects of fire but essential for your building’s compliance with fire regulations and insurance requirements. No matter what your building or the make and model of the fire barrier curtain or smoke curtain, Coopers' service engineers are the only independently approved service team qualified to conduct the servicing of active fixed flexible barriers for fire and smoke control curtains.

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