CPD Training

Coopers Fire are the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) educational seminars.

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Smoke Curtains in Smoke Extract Systems in Atria

The use of automatic smoke curtains or blinds as a means of containing smoke and gases in buildings generally, and in atria specifically

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Active Fire Curtain Barrier Assemblies

Fire Curtain Barrier Assemblies: non-invasive fire protection

BS 8524 - The only global fire curtains standard

BS 8524 Part 1 and 2: The NEW British Standard for active fire curtain barriers

Our commitment to advancing fire fabric technology has led our engineers to set the high standards that fire experts have come to expect and architects rely upon to help their designs meet fire regulations

For over 30 years, professionals have relied upon Coopers high performance fire and smoke curtains to guarantee that their building designs comply with stringent fire regulations

Our fire and smoke curtains help the world’s most architecturally famous buildings meet stringent fire regulations without compromising design