From retail space by Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges to PC World and Adidas, Coopers Fire are have helped the largest and best known retail brands to create modern, open plan shopping environment complying with fire regulations by replacing traditional fire and smoke equipment with fire and smoke curtains.

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At Coopers, we believe that protecting your customers from fire should be achieved without compromising your retail store’s trading space and appearance. We’ve helped some of the world’s most famous retailers comply with fire regulations by replacing non-loadbearing fire walls, fire doors, un-insulated glazing and sprinklers with Coopers’ fire curtains and smoke curtains. Furthermore, our products are key to creating modern, open plan environments such as Bluewater shopping centre where over 500 Smokestop™ smoke curtains were installed to manage smoke migration or where we replaced non-loadbearing fire walls and fire doors at Fortum & Mason with FireMaster® fire curtains to create an open plan shopping environment to improve customer flow.