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BS 8524 Coopers Fire IFCC Certificates
BS 8524 Coopers Fire IFCC Certificates

BS 8524 IFCC Certificates

POSTED BY 02.09.2015,


Coopers Fire are pleased to announce we have achieved full compliance for the British Standard BS 8524.

Being compliant with BS 8524 is a major milestone in Coopers Fire’s long and successful track record of manufacturing, supplying, installing and servicing smoke and fire curtains, hence our pride in not just achieving full compliance, but also being the first to do so.


Click Here to read more details about BS 8524 and Coopers Fire becoming compliant.


View our certificates for our FireMaster A1 fire curtain for a single and overlapped curtain.




BS 8524 Part 1

Part 1 contains the Specification for active fire curtain barriers and comprises nine annexes (A to I). Each Annex provides information, requirements and guidance on how to test for each aspect of the standard. BS 8524 Part 1 is only achieved if all of Annexes are satisfied and approved by a third party certification body.


BS 8524 Part 2

Part 2 is a code of practice for application, installation and maintenance of active fire curtain barriers and like Part 1, is made up of Annexes A through to I. All of the Annexes for Part 2 include guidance on installation checklists, commissioning and maintenance of a fire curtain.


Third Party Certification


Under BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2, only third party certified fire curtain products are acceptable and this covers third party certification on the specification (part 1) and application, installation and maintenance (part 2). The third party approving body must also be a UKAS accredited certification body.



Coopers Fire have worked closely with IFC Certification Ltd to ensure compliance with BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2 and IFC Certification has been accredited by UKAS to issue third party certification for this standard.