At Coopers, our commitment to advancing fire fabric technology has led our engineers to set the high standards that fire experts have come to expect and architects rely upon to help their designs meet fire regulations.

Cooper’s are very proud to be able to boast works already installed in the Middle East, from famous Malls including the world’s largest in Dubai, to mammoth International Airports, world famed hospitality spots and most proudly many renowned health centres and hospitals.

Whether it is fire curtains or smoke curtain barriers that have been tested to UL or BS EN standards, we help designers to replace non-loadbearing fire walls and doors, fire doors, fire rated glazing, and sprinklers to achieve modern, open plan environments in line with stringent fire regulations. We have an extensive product line that is designed to meet any building design - we too are happy to provide CAD drawings for all our products. You can contact them directly about your project enquiry or contact Coopers Fire using the contact link in the navigation.

Coopers Fire distributor in Saudi Arabia are:


P.O.Box 13018,
Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 26376069
Fax: +966 26365433



Fire and Smoke Curtains Projects in Saudi Arabia



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Multiple vertical Fire Curtains.
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Multiple vertical Fire Curtains.



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Multiple vertical Fire Curtains.


Other Fire and Smoke Curtains Projects in the Middle East



Abu Dhabi, UAE
Multiple vertical and Horizontal Fire and Smoke Curtains.


Dubai International Airport

Dubai, UAE
Multiple vertical Smoke Curtains.
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Mall of the Emirates

Dubai, UAE
Multiple vertical Fire and Smoke Curtains.


Leabaib Health Center

Doha, Qatar
Multiple vertical and Concertina Fire Curtains.
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Five Guys Restaurant

Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai, UAE
FireMaster Concertina Fire Curtain.
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Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City

Doha, Qatar
Multiple vertical Fire Curtains.
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a reassuring growth in GDP of 5% over the last 5 years. Take this in the context of the current depression in oil prices and there appears to be a very positive outlook for the current and future economic climate in Saudi Arabia.

This confidence is being exuded by the Saudi Arabian construction industry. There are currently huge projects in planning and early construction stages. For instance, to name just a few, the $320 million Riyadh Mall project which is looking to be completed this year, Riyadh is also, in 2018, going to see a new $10 billion Metro system developed in the city - signalling that the city is preparing for continued expansion. Plans are also going ahead with the construction of the $160 million Burj Ramla, Jacques Al Boustani, CEO of the Ramla project said: "The announcement of Burj Ramla during this time comes to confirm our confidence in the Saudi economy, the strongest markets in the region and the most stable in general, through our deep understanding of tomorrow's needs of the modern Saudi lifestyle."

Following, it is unsurprising to learn that investments in Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure are driving massive growth. It is predicted that in the next five decades Saudi Arabia’s construction equipment sales will be up a huge 50%. As seen by the nature of these projects, the hospitality and tourism sector are too driving this area’s economy very much forward.

Fire Safety is Paramount

With such rapidly expanding infrastructure it is paramount that from the design stage fire safety building regulations are thoroughly considered and met. This becomes even more critical when we take into consideration recent tragic fire incidents in Saudi Arabia. For example, the Jazan hospital fire on Christmas Eve last year where a tragic 25 people died and a further 123 were seriously injured, August of the same year saw a blazing residential fire in Khobar where 11 lives were lost and even back in 2002 there was the infamous Mecca girl’s school fire where a truly horrific 15 young girls were killed.

Such events draw our attention to the absolute need for reliable and efficient fire prevention and fire safety equipment. Too often, especially in today’s modern buildings, are wide open-plan commercial spaces given priority over safer, more compartmented design. However, the utilisation of Fire Curtains uniquely allows for both; functional open plan design and dependable fire safety measures. Fire curtains allow you to stop the fire so you can stop the tragedy.

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