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Coopers Fire rename UL tested products

jonathan.brown, 16.03.2017 , 0 comments

Coopers Fire have streamlined their tested to UL product range and have renamed them

Export Distributor Performance Award

admin, 20.02.2017 , 0 comments

Congratulations to Greene Fire, Australia.....our Top Performing Distributor!

New Download - Concertina Fire and Smoke Curtain Brochure

admin, 09.02.2017 , 0 comments

Coopers Fire New Concertina Fire and Smoke Curtain brochure available for download

Coopers Fire New SmokeStop Concertina smoke curtain

jonathan.brown, 07.12.2016 , 0 comments

Coopers Fire have launched their NEW multi-sided Smoke Curtain - the SmokeStop Concertina