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Fire Curtains at Home

POSTED BY 25.02.2015,

A fire curtain, also known as a fire curtain barrier or active fire curtain barrier system, is a fire-separating element designed to deploy when triggered by a fire alarm or sensor to;

  • Protect escape routes without any loss of fire resistance and to limit smoke entry into these routes i.e, to protect corridors and lift shafts.
  • Compartmentalise a building – a fire curtain will deploy to effectively confine a fire.

As an important lifesaving system designed to provide protection from fire, the fire curtain is a modern, non-invasive alternative to traditional non-loadbearing walls, fire doors, glazing and fire shutters.

Designed to remain hidden within a ceiling until deployed, fire curtains are increasingly specified by architects as a means of ensuring that modern, open plan living spaces meet stringent fire regulations.

When would I need a Fire Curtain?

Whether you're removing a non-loadbearing wall and door to create a large kitchen dinner or designing a new build house that fully embraces the principle of open plan living, domestic homes are required to comply with fire regulations.

The regulations stipulate that a domestic home must provide its occupants with a protected means of escape and where necessary, provide effective means to compartmentalise a room or a lobby in order to contain a fire.

Enforced by a Building Control Body, meeting these regulations will determine whether your extension, renovations or new build home meets Building Control Approval.

At Coopers Fire, we have a team of domestic fire experts dedicated to guaranteeing that your domestic fire curtain project complies with these regulations.

Where would I need a Fire Curtain?

Fire curtains are increasing being specified by architects as an approved means of replacing non-loadbearing walls, fire doors and glazing to create modern, open plan living environments.

Common applications for a fire curtain within a domestic house

Replacing a non-loadbearing wall or separating element originally built to provide a protected means of escape in areas such as;

  • where a living room wall has been demolished to create an open plan entrance hall
  • installation of a new internal windows that backs onto an entrance hall
  • Demolition of a ceiling to create an atrium lobby

Compartmentalisation of a new;

  • open plan kitchen diner
  • stairwell
  • open ceiling or skylight
  • loft conversion
  • serving hatch
  • or as an alternative to a traditional fire door