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Fire damaged arch in building

Fire Damage: What Can a Building Survive?

Coopers Fire, 17.12.2018 , 0 comments

Buildings are pretty tough. Most can stand for centuries with the proper care. Fire can be the end of even the toughest structure in the world – but what are the limits that buildings can withstand?

Candle, house fires in December

Stay Safe: House Fires Rise In December

Coopers Fire, 13.12.2018 , 0 comments

House fires during the Christmas period are particularly devastating – and sadly more likely to occur, thanks to additional lighting, heating and all that cooking and drinking. Here are some tips to keep your family and community safe during the festive season. While you’re enjoying the festivities, try to keep a few small things in mind to prevent a fire starting – because the biggest triggers for house fires are also some of the most avoidable.

Architecture trends 2019 skyscraper

Architecture Trends 2019

Coopers Fire, 04.12.2018 , 0 comments

What’s the next big thing in architecture? 2018 focused on eco-friendly designs and customisable homes – but trends are emerging for a contemporary, transitional lifestyle in 2019. To continue reading our latest blog post click here.

underground city

Underground Cities - Future or Folly?

Coopers Fire, 20.11.2018 , 0 comments

In 1500 BC, an ancient civilisation developed an incredibly complex underground city – complete with escape routes and proper ventilation – which lay forgotten under Turkey for thousands of years. It looks like that ancient knowledge is about to make a comeback. Discover more about living underground here.