From protecting a means of escape and boundary protection to providing a building with a system that provides a building with effective compartmentation. At Coopers, we have developed a wide range of fire and smoke curtains to protect every type of application from fire.



At Coopers, our commitment to life safety has led us to develop a wide range of fire and smoke curtains approved to protect every type of building application. From Atria and lobbies to escalators and doors, no matter what the application you’re protecting, our fire and smoke curtains provide a modern, non- invasive alternative to traditional fire protection.

The new and revolutionary FireMaster® Cleanroom fire curtain

Coopers Fire are pleased to launch an innovative and revolutionary fire curtain solution for cleanroom facilities. The new FireMaster Cleanroom fire curtain from Coopers Fire is the world’s first active fire curtain certified as suitable for all types of cleanroom environments.

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